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  • testers, test devices, hydrostatic pressure testers, test tanks, end caps, thermal cycle test equipments, test equipments, mfi testers, melt flow indexers, universal test machines, test machines, drop weight test equipments, pendulum impact testers, carbon black determination testers, vicats, vicat devices, oits, oxidative induction time testers, butt welding machines, welding machines, vicat softenin testers, heat deflection temperature testers, welding machineries, butt welding machineries, internal pressure endurance testers, tester, test device, hydrostatic pressure tester, test tank, end cap
    The company was founded in 1997. Company is consist of the highest education level engineers and scientists. Currently, an engineer, a senior engineer, a engineer with a doctor’s
    Telephone: +90 212 278 61 02 Address: Yeşilce Mah., Göktürk Cad., No: 2-4, Kağıthane, İstanbul, Turkey
  • chair, time, coffee table, wooden table, wooden chair, wooden coffee table, Furniture, furnishing, furnitures, furnish, furnishing, furnishings, sitting room, sitting rooms, parlor, parlors, lounge room, lounge rooms, room, rooms, living room, living rooms, living room suite, suite, suites, sofa, couch, sofas, sofa beds, seat, seats, bed, beds, dining room, dining rooms, grillroom, grillrooms, bedroom, bedrooms, chamber, chambers, table, tables, board, boards, desk, desks, table teams, tambe tea
    ALTUNCU LTD. Which produces in KAYSERİ Mobilya Kent Sanayi Bölgesi. Sti. With its 26 years of experience in 1991, we continue to maintain and elevate ourselves among the leaders
    Telephone: +90 533 216 02 38 Address: Oymaağaç Mh. 5083 Sk. No:27/A, Kayseri, Türkiye
  • restriction and modification enzymes, sulphathiazole, biotechnologic systems, preventive medicine, dna amplification products, biochemical, pcr instruments, uv viewer and imaging systems, dna fragment analysis kits, multiplex pcr kits, rflp pcr kits, dna sequence analysis, real time pcr analysis, pcr optimization, electrophoresis, uv viewer, ifat kit, pcr kit, rflp pcr kit, food pathogen kit, strip mutations kit, agaroz jel pcr mutasyon kit, dna fragment analysis kit, crimean congo elisa kit
    DiaGen which was founded in 1998 has taken current place in the sector through the honest, principled and ethical conduct related to work and growing in a stable manner. Our
    Telephone: +90 312 384 28 44 Address: Yeni Ziraat Mah., 657 Sok. No:8/C, Altındağ, Ankara, Turkey
  • electronics, electronic products, watches, chronometers, timepieces, timekeepers, timers, time keepers, stopwatches, stop watches, stop-watches, wrist watches, wristwatches, calculators, calculating machines, sunglasses, sun glasses, eyeglasses, eyewears, christin cord, casio, fossil, visetti, skagen, seiko, seiko 5, cockpit, braun, wickers
    We manufacture and supply electronics, electronic products, watches, chronometers, timepieces, timekeepers, timers, time keepers, stopwatches, stop watches, stop-watches, wrist
    Telephone: +90 212 520 19 56 Address: Tahtakale Cad. Menekşe Han, No. 61, Eminönü, Fatih, İstanbul, Turkey
  • electronic products, digital clocks, prayer-time clocks, price-list panels, outdoor clocks, school bells, auto azan panels, paint arts, paintings, digital prayer-time clocks, digital price-list panels, digital outdoor clocks, digital school bels, temperature panels, digital temperature panels, electronic products, digital clock, prayer-time clock, price-list panel, outdoor clock, school bell, auto azan panel, paint art, painting, digital prayer-time clock, digital price-list panel, digital outdo
    1998: The Begining and Establishment AL-Awail company was mainly established by a group of engineers who are the first graduates of elctronic engineering faculty. The company
    Telephone: +90 212 533 07 66 Address: Halil Rıfatpaşa Mahallesi Yüzerhavuz Sok. Perpa Ticaret Merkezi B Blok Kat:11 No:1676 Okmeydanı, Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey
  • plastic houseware, plastic household products, plastic kitchenware, plastic kitchen products, plastişc housewares, dish racks, spoon holders, cutting board with storage, bowl, bowls, plastic bowls, plastic strainers, strainer, pasta strainers, food storage box, food storage boxes, ice box, ice boxes, basin, plastic basins, jugs, cups, plastic jugs, plastic cups, oil bottles, plastic oil bottles, dustbin, plastic dustbin, plastic baskets, basket, basket for clothes, laundry baskets, cleaning buck
    Erkoç Plastic & Mold Industry, which has been producing plastic household furniture and plastic injection molds for a quarter century was established in İstanbul, in
    Telephone: +90 212 549 53 85 Address: İkitelli OSB Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı, İç Kapı: A01-1, Dış Kapı: 60/8, İkitelli, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • printing press, brochure, time sheet, catalog, bag, pochette, corporate identity, display book, promotion, magazine, banner, poster, ad, fly, folder, graphic design, graphic design services, box, parcel, package, stand, printing, packing, food packaging, pre-press, after printing, textile packaging, pizza box, pillbox, pop, packaging, handling, printing machines
    In 2012 began his life in the service area of 300 m2 production Ritim Matbaa has entered in between reliable printing industry of Turkey's leading companies. It continues to work
    Telephone: +90 212 438 53 88 Address: Yüzyıl Mah., Matbaacılar Sit., 4. Cad., No: 37, Bağcılar, İstanbul, TURKEY
  • catgut, surgery, suture, surgical suture, surgical needle, surgical thread, propilen, polypropylene, pegelak, polyglactin, lactic acid, sternum, sternum wire, dopace, anchor, pacing lead, daylon, polyamide, naylon, trofilen, polyvinlydine fluoride, pegesorb, polyglycolic acid, pedesente, polydioxanone, tekmon, polyglecaprone, pegelak rapid, pegesorb rapid, wound closure, healing time, absorption time, round bodied, triangular, reverse cutting, conventional cutting, cosmetic, aesthetics, tapercut
    Knots are tied to save lives in every tissue of human. Surgical sutures and needles require specific specialization and experience, due to their critical function in
    Telephone: + 90 212 258 00 54 Address: Yıldız Cad. No: 55 34353 Beşiktaş - İstanbul, Turkey
  • furniture, home furnitures, house furniture, furnishings, house furniture, bedroom, bedrooms, dining room, dining rooms, armchair, seats, sofa set, sofa sets, sofa set, the base, bases, bed, beds, time, tables, coffee table, coffee tables, cabinet, cabinets, wardrobe, wardrobes, TV unit, tv units, bergere, jerk, single seat, single seats, console, brackets, showcase, showcases
    Our vision in Turkey and in the world "IRE my HOME" denince consumers in quality, comfort and aesthetic forms to become a brand perception. Our Mission To combine the aesthetics,
    Telephone: +90 352 290 70 40 - +90 545 548 08 38 Address: Sahabiye Mh. Otak Sk. Dedeoğlu İş Merkezi, Kayseri, Türkiye
  • electric, electronic, control relay, remote communication, digital measuring device, digital thermal, hour meter, time relay, multi functional time relay, photocell relay, hydrophore sequencing relay, submersible control relay, liquid level relay, motor protection relay, voltage control relay, temperature control device, analog measuring instrument, capacitor, shunt reactor, current transformer, control relays, reactive power control relays, counter, phase failure relays, liquid level controllers, power factor controllers, digital voltmeters, digital ammeters, digital frequencymeters, digital multimeters, digital network analyzers, digital energy analyzers, digital contactors, digital overload relays, digital timers, voltage monitoring relays, current monitoring relays, remote communication devices, SMS controlled relays, energy tracking systems, energy monitoring systems, windows-based energy tracking software, web-based energy tracking software, online energy tracking systems, static var compensators, thrystor controlled reactor systems
    Our company has been established for managing energy with best efficiency in our country and providing services with our expert and experienced staffs for industrial
    Telephone: +90 212 578 04 38-48 Address: Merkez Mh. Akalar Sk. No:39A, Gaziosmanpaşa, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • promotion, pen, wall clock, clock, time, pencil, keychain, key, promtime, prompen, promtech, promtex, cap, hat, promotion cap, t-shirt, shirt, light, lighter, usb, flash, usb flash, usb flash disk, powerbank, power, mouse
    As Asia Promotion, we offer different rich advertising promotional products to your esteemed customers based on the knowledge and experience that has been given in advertisement
    Telephone: +90 535 550 4342 Address: Kazım karabekir cad. Zübeyde Hanım Mah. No: 105/42 İskitler / Altındağ / Ankara / TURKEY
  • defense products, defense materials, lemo connectors, pyrocool fef, pyrocool aerosol, trigger assembly, housing, accelerator housing, ejector support, feed support, feed return housing, machine gun cover, cartridge guide, arm guide, arm safety, guide rod, machine gun slide olt, slide bolt, trigger housing, firing pin guide, barrel latch block, sear, extension trigger, cylinder time delay, block bolt machine, upper receiver, receiver, steering gear, lower receiver, track roller plate seal, plate
    To meet Customer’s requirements without compromising quality in the varying & thriving customer demands. Always to improve our current customer satisfaction by being a
    Telephone: +90 312 256 16 06 Address: Yeni Batı Mh. 2401 Sk. No:8, Batıkent, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • sanitary, faucet, taps, kitchen, bathroom, shower systems, valve, thermostatic, shower, shower head, water saving kits, bathroom accessories, siphons, radiators, built in, time adjustable faucets, shower sets, bath faucet, kitchen faucet, basin faucet, bide faucet, shattaf, built in bath, electronic faucets
    Adell is one the leading faucet, tap and shower sytems manufacturers located in Turkey. Adell offers wide range of faucet that have been designed meet reguirements of the
    Telephone: +902124862000 Address: İkitelli OSB Mah. Hürriyet Bulvarı No:54 Başakşehir-İstanbul-Turkey
  • nuts, dry, snack foods, cookies, snack time, snacks, nuts, peas, peanut sauce
    nuts, dry, snack foods, cookies, snack time, snacks, nuts, peas, peanut sauce since
    Telephone: 0342 238 43 92 Address: Sanayi mah. 60140 nolu cad. no : 55 Şehitkamil / Gaziantep
  • Telephone: +905432122881 Address: Ekrem Çetin mh nisa sk no:4
  • translation services, translation service, translation, consultancy, translation consultancy, translation counselling services, translation consultancys service
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of translation services, translation service, translation, consultancy, translation consultancy, translation counselling services,
    Telephone: +90 312 436 00 77 Address: Kaptanpaşa sokak 13/4 GOP Ankara, Turkey
  • Hoses, Tubes, Hose Fittings And Sockets, Connectors, Flange Fittings, Quick Fittings, Hydraulic Tubes, Hydraulic System Equipment, Pumps Motors, Valves, Filter And Pollution Meter, Coolers, Hydraulic Accumulators, Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Cylinders, Seals, Measuring And Testing Equipment, Flow, Pressure, Temperature Test Equipment, Pressure Test Fittings, Pressure Test Hoses, Pressure Measuring Time, Particle Counting Devices, Machines, Hydraulic Hoses Production Machinery, Tube Processing Machines
    Telephone: 90 216 593 33 00 Address: Orta Mah. Üniversite Cad. No:33 OrhanlıTuzla / İstanbul/turkey
  • textile, textile product, textile products, textile industry, bath time, bedding, pillows, bibs, blankets, clothing, hooded towels, ponchos, sleeping bags, soft toys
    Telephone: (90)(258) 261 19 83 Address: SARAYLAR MAH.428 SK.NO:24 TOMAŞLAR ŞİBİRLER KATLI OTOPARKI MERKEZ
  • textiles, clothings, garments, ready wears
    Telephone: 902125533227 Address: MALKOÇOĞLU MAH.NAMIK KEMAL CAD.NO:57/2ist turkey
  • Defense Industry, Electronics, Software, Training Simulators, Automatic Test Equipment, Test Program Sets, Shooting Ranges, Access Control Systems, Real-Time Control Systems, Instrument Drivers
    Telephone: 2101616 Address: ODTÜ İkizleri B Blok Zemin Kat ODTÜ Teknokent
  • cylinder winding bands, conveyor belts, modular bands, silicon, rubber, ptfe teflon products, deerfos abrasive group, textile spare parts, epdm-silicone-eva products, job security, special coated belts, v-time belts, technical equipment group, plastic, gasket, packing
    Telephone: (90)(282) 654 00 04 Address: HIDIRAGA MAH.BORSA MEYDANI EVCİM APT.NO:1 ÇORLU
  • reactive power factor controllers, digital measurement instruments, phase failure relays, voltage protection relays, liquid level control relays, photocell relays, time relays, special time relays, special relays, astronomical time switchs, digital protector, multimeters
    Telephone: 90232 877 14 84 Address: BÜYÜKALAN MEVKİİ ULUCAK KEMALPAŞA / İZMİR- turkey
  • led products, led bulbs, cabin armatures, general lighting fixtures, cabinet fittings, sconces, plaster plush spotlights, halogen bulb spots, r 111 halogen bulb armatures, metal halide and plc downlight, kitchen spots, kitchen fixtures, bathroom and ceiling fixtures, motion sensor luminaires, exterior fixtures, exterior fixtures with led, special lighting fixtures, projectors, electronic transformers, ceramic duyl-special duyl, motion sensors, special components, time clocks, fluorescent bulbs, compact ballast bulbs, energy saving bulbs, halogen bulbs, led bulbs
    Telephone: (90)(212) 293 06 06 Address: OKÇU MUSA CD.ŞAIR EŞREF PAŞA SK.11 D.3-4-5-6 BEYOĞLU
  • relays, reactive power relays, digital measuring devices, safety time relays, time relays, control relays, voltage protection relays, motor protection relays, current protection relays, liquid level control relays
    Telephone: (90)(212) 879 07 74 Address: MERKEZ MAH. INÖNÜ CAD. 122.SK. NO:14/A-B BEYLİKDÜZÜ
  • Telephone: (90)(212) 640 46 40 Address: KOCATEPE MH. YEL SK. NO:25 BAYRAMPAŞA
  • elisa kits, quick tests, clinical microbiology, molecular diagnosis, nucleic acid isolation kit, real-time pcr
    Telephone: 90 262 648 53 00 Address: Plastikçiler Organize Sanayi Bölgesi (GEPOSB) Cumhuriyet Cad. No:3 41400Gebze / Kocaeli - TURKEY
  • breastfeeding or bottle feeding, pacifiers, hygiene and protection, care and protection, outdoors and travel, arabayla travel, sleep time and relaxation, toys
    Telephone: 436 34 94 Address: 6106/4 SOK NO:17/F
  • enterprise security product, enterprise network products, time servers
    Telephone: (90)(216) 677 18 00 Address: ROYAL PARK C 1-5 FORMULA 1 YOLU TUZLA
  • og soft starter, mv cells, lv frequency converters, ag soft starters, panel plcs, logic control devices, solid state relays, digital panel meters, temperature control devices, time relays, micro switches, micro motors, compressor controllers, counters, control relays, paint robots
    Telephone: (90)(212) 221 48 48 Address: PERPA TICARET MERKEZI A BLOK. KAT: 2 NO: 9/0034 ŞİŞLİ
  • clothing, garment, textile, textiles, textile products
    Telephone: (90)(212) 614 11 11 Address: KARTALTEPE MH.FATİH CD.68.SK. NO:19 D:1 BAYRAMPAŞA
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